Pt. 2 – 4 Ways to Cut the Cord on a Dying Ministry Program

Ministry was taking place, relationships were flourishing, and the people who participated in the work were engaged in a healthy community. But then things changed.

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4 Ways To Cut the Cord On A Dying Ministry Program

Unhealthy programs, processes, and personal preferences drag down a church’s financial, emotional, and personnel resources; therefore, sometimes it is necessary to cut them loose. The question then becomes how do I cut something loose without getting strung up in the process.

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4 Needs of the Community Surrounding Your Church

Just as any good business needs to know the needs of their community to provide goods or services to meet those needs churches need to know what the community needs in the context of where God has placed them.

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On Tuesday Night, I Couldn’t Sleep

Once a month, I have an important meeting. It’s a meeting with the deacons and elders that I get to serve alongside of here at Howard’s Creek Church. Each time we get together, we have a meal, we study the scriptures, then we discuss the various needs and direction of the church. Most meetings last anywhere from two to four hours.

Having served in various ministry positions over the past 10 years, I can tell you that leadership meetings are not always easy.

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Fully Devoted

Devotion is something that most people value. We want spouses that are devoted to us. We desire friends that are devoted. We especially want our children devoted to us. We even want our pets showing us loyalty and devotion.

This week, we will be examining what devoted disciples look like and what it means for us to be fully devoted to the life that we were meant to live.

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