Gospel Community

Gospel communities alone do not bring about identity and worth, but they display the One who does.  God has reconciled believers to Himself.  Gospel community is a means to exhibit the gospel’s light to a dark and hurting society.  Communities centered on the gospel fly in the face of isolation and yet convey the grace-filled inclusion that we so desperately desire.  These communities bring with them the answer the world is hungry for. It is a community that invites others to feast at the Lord’s table. – Dustin Willis, Life in Community.

At Howard’s Creek Church, it is our mission is to “Love our community to Christ, one heart at a time.”  Therefore, we go into the community to meet practical needs and build intentional relationships to meet people with the gospel.  If a church abstains from being physically present in the community that the Lord has planted them, then they cannot rightly be called a church because they have ceased to be “salt and light.”

A few Sundays ago, I shared how one of our small group ministries are seeking to love our community to Christ in their unique way.

Seeing the church be the church is incredibly exhilarating to me!  Keep up the good work of ministry that you are doing!



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