God’s Calling and My Comfort

I hate change. There, I said it. If I could get away with it, I’d have a closet full of clothes that all looked the same. I’d buy enough pairs of the same type of shoe that I would never worry about buying another pair. I’d keep my schedule the same exact way every week. I’d read the same authors and blogs and websites without fail. I’d get proficient at “how I do stuff” and would never make any adjustments. But, unfortunately, I know I can’t do that, even though I want to. 

I can’t live like that because God’s calling is bigger than my comfort.

I’ve discovered over the years that my comfort level sometimes interferes with my ability to succeed. If I am proficient at what I do, sometimes I am not concerned at how effective I actually am when I am doing it. 

Maybe it’s just me but I believe that far too often, our desire to “keep doing the same thing that worked before” holds us back when “what works” no longer does.  We sometimes end up finding a greater comfort in what we do verses whether or not it’s successful.

Why is that?  Because it’s uncomfortable to do new things.  Learning something new or doing something different than we did it before is terrifying to most of us.  

But at some point, we have to decide whether we are committed to God’s calling on our lives or our comfort level. 

At some point, we have to decide what we have written in the sand and what we have etched into granite. What I mean is, the mission that we have before us as Christians never changes; Glorify God and Make Disciples.  But the method by which we do that will, in various ways, change. 

Here are a few questions to help determine whether you are more concerned with your comfort than God’s calling:

  1. When’s the last time you forced yourself to do something outside of your norm?  Teach a class, invite a guest to sit with you, share the gospel, invest into someone that isn’t like you or can’t pay you back
  2. Is there anything that your doing right now that hasn’t worked in years?  Why are you continuing to do it if it is no longer working effectively?  Why not revamp or rethink it? Or even, stop it and invest into something that IS working?
  3. When you prepare for “what you do” is it strenuous or has it become a rout responsibility?  Are you as passionate about what you’re doing as you were when you started?
  4. Does “what you do” require you to pray for God to strengthen you or have you become self perpetuating?  Sometimes we get so good at “what we do” that we forget why we’re doing it. Sometimes, these are the times that God dries up the well so that we have to lean on Him for the water. 
  5. When’s the last time that you have seen a return on your investment into what you are doing?  Results are not everything but if what you did 5-10-20 years ago isn’t yielding a quantifiable return, it maybe time for a change. 

These are only a few questions. But it is my prayer that you begin thinking how God wants to challenge and grow you into a deeper and more initiate relationship with Him. It may be that God is going to make you a little uncomfortable so that you can find your comfort in Him. .