On Tuesday Night, I Couldn’t Sleep


Once a month, I have an important meeting.  It’s a meeting with the deacons and elders that I get to serve alongside of here at Howard’s Creek Church.  Each time we get together, we have a meal, we study the scriptures, then we discuss the various needs and direction of the church.  Most meetings last anywhere from two to four hours.

Having served in various ministry positions over the past 10 years, I can tell you that leadership meetings are not always easy.  Unfortunately, there are times that you have to talk about situations that you would rather just avoid altogether.  Sometimes when leadership teams come together, they are having to confront a fellow leader or church member about some problem that has occurred.  Sometimes, we pastors have to come into the room apologizing for under communicating or misconstruing something.  Those times are hard to deal with and they always cause you great angst when you face them.

But for me, this past Tuesday wasn’t like that at all.  This past Tuesday was exciting, as most monthly meetings are, because I was reminded of what makes our deacons and elders different than a great deal of churches.  So, in an effort to be brief I just want to give a few characteristics that make our (or any) leadership team great.

  1. A Christ-centered Mindset – The number one goal of the leadership at Howard’s Creek is to see Christ’s name exalted above every other name, especially our own.
  2. A Kingdom-minded Heart –  This mindset fuels the fire of our leadership team.  We don’t just desire to expose people to the name of Christ, we want to see those far from Christ enter into a meaningful relationship with Him.  It is our desire to see others enter into walking daily in the Kingdom of God.
  3. A Passion for the Truth – If the leadership of the church doesn’t have a passion to know, hear, and obey the truth of God’s Word, then that church is bound to collapse.  I’m grateful for men who have a passion for the truth of God’s Word.
  4. A Selfless Personality – Here is an area that most leadership teams jump off the rail.  Far too often, selfish desires infiltrate into a leadership team and the leaders begin fighting with one another over personal preferences.  I am thankful that the adopted mentality of our leadership team is one that says “we want what’s best for the kingdom and the church, even if that means our personal preferences are not met.”
  5. A Desire to Serve – I see this illustrated most often when a need arises in our church body.  I have seen these men stand in the rain directing traffic at a funeral.  I have witnessed these men in prayer over people that are hurting.  I have watched these men labor for those who were lacking something.  This desire, reveals their caring heart for those whom they serve.

As I struggled to fall asleep on Tuesday, this list, albeit not overly exhaustive, reminded me that Howard’s Creek Church has got a great future ahead of it because the leadership of the church possess these, and many other, godly characteristics and they have a desire to lead God’s people to the harvest so that others may come to know Him.