We are Incredibly Blessed

Christmas_ServiceDear Creek Church Family,

We have had an incredible past few weeks!  From Operation Christmas Child processing, the Live nativity, to the various Christmas parties that have been taking place; each and everyone of these events have gone off spectacularly and I am looking forward to the culmination of all of these activities with our Christmas Eve service tomorrow night (5:30 PM).  To add to the excitement, I have even heard reports that we may get some light dusting on Christmas Eve.  But whether it’s snow or sun, I am anxious to see each of you as we gather together tomorrow evening to lift up praises to our Lord as we remember His birth and celebrate the sacrifice that He made on our behalf.  Make sure to share the image above with all of your friends/family and invite them out for our very special Christmas Eve Service.  Wishing each of you a Merry Christmas!