Forget Fear and Embrace Thanksgiving!


Do you sometimes struggle with fear?  Fear of circumstances, situations, scenarios, or maybe even what people thnk?  Is that fear sometimes paralyzing?  Does it cause you to withdraw and remove yourself from doing what it is that you know you’re supposed to be doing?

Well, beloved, you are not alone.  While the prince of the power of the air may have you believe that no one else would begin to understand what you are going through, he would be incorrect.  This is a struggle for many people, including myself at times.  Even the great Apostle Peter dealt with fear in his life.  This coming Sunday at Howard’s Creek Church we will be looking at how the Apostle Paul encouraged Peter to defeat his fear and we will also have an answer on how to deal with our own bouts of fear.  This season of the year is one that can plague many people but Paul has just the answer that we need so that we can defeat fear and embrace a spirit of thanksgiving with ferocity!

Hope your week is going well so far and I look forward to seeing you Sunday!!

Love you guys!

For the Kingdom!

Pastor Chris

photo credit: photoloni via photopin cc