Those “Special” Family Members


This past week, it occurred to me how close we were to Thanksgiving.  It seems like we just finished January!  When I think about thanksgiving, yes, I think about pumpkin pie, chocolate delight, and deep fried turkey.  But more so, I think about family.  Moms, Dads, Grandparents, siblings, and those weird second and third cousins that always make you think, “Wow…thank you, Lord!”  You know what I am talking about…

This week as we begin to look at Galatians 2, we are going to see the dynamics that make a family great!  The family that we will be discussing is the family of God.  Those brothers and sisters in Christ, and yes even the different ones that…perplex you.  All types make up a family and the same is true for the body of Christ.  The important take away from Sunday is that while we all are different, we are all one in Christ and He is the one that ties us together.  I look forward to seeing you there and make sure you bring someone with you so they can hear about how awesome it is to be apart of the family of God!

Love you guys!

For the Kingdom!

Pastor Christ

photo credit: Peter E. Lee via photopin cc