Early Morning Reflections @ The Creek


This morning, as I read 1 Samuel, I was reminded through the relationship between Hannah and Peninnah that blessings come from the Lord.  Peninnah was blessed because God had opened her womb and given her many children.  Hannah was blessed, even though she didn’t feel that way, because “the Lord,” who is good, “had closed her womb” (vs. 6).

Either way you slice it, God was working in both women’s lives.  Hannah could have been doing all the “right” things, yet the Lord saw fit to keep her womb closed.  While, Peninnah could have been doing all the wrong things, yet the Lord saw fit to open her womb.  In the end, we are able to see that He had a bigger plan in mind.

Creek Church Family, I want to encourage you to continue doing the “right” things.  Whether it’s in your personal, work, or church life, keep pressing on because God has a plan that is bigger than us and maybe, “in due time (vs. 20)”, we will begin to see God’s Big Plan conceived and birthed out in our lives.

Love you guys!

For the Kingdom!

Pastor Chris

photo credit: Jason A. Samfield via photopin cc