Lead Like Moses: God’s Call and Our Response

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When the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called to him out of the bush, “Moses, Moses!” And he said, “Here I am.”
(Exodus 3:4 ESV)

God is actively working in the lives of His people even when they are unaware of His presence. The events in Moses’ life had led up to this point because God had sovereignly worked them to accomplish His perfect will. This is the tipping point for Moses. This is the point that God calls out Moses and begins equipping him to be the leader that He has ordained him to be. Here are a few observations about Moses:

  • He was educated (Acts 7:22)
  • He knew where he came from and had a heart for his people (Exodus 2:11)
  • He stood up for the weak (Exodus 2:12; Acts 7:24)
  • He was unsure of himself (Exodus 2:15; 3:11; 4:1,10, & 13)

While Moses possessed some of the initial characteristics of a leader, God was going to do a great deal to make him the leader He wanted him to be. Here is two of the essential characteristics that Moses possessed:

  • He made himself available and was obedient to God’s call (Exodus 3:4; 4:18)

As a pastor/leader, it is imperative that you make yourself available to the calling that God has for your life. Don’t spend valuable time making excuses about your weaknesses or inabilities, God will equip those whom He calls. It is your responsibility to be obedient to His call.

Are you making yourself available to the call that God has on your life? Are you being obedient to that call? If not, why? What do you have to be afraid of? Remember if the “I AM” has called you He will equip you.