Teaching Our Children Theology

Bibliology.  Theology Proper.  Christology.  Pneumatology.  Angelology.  Anthropology and Hamartiology.  Soteriology.  Ecclesiology.  Eschatology.  Wow!  What an incredible array of Doctrines that we hold so preciously.  But what do each of these doctrines mean?  It is easy to pick up on a few of them, i.e. Bibliogy, Christology, or Angelology.  While some of the others are a little more elusive in their descriptions.  These words can be quite intimidating to any individual, but especially a new believer.  Even as parents we have a tendency to look at these doctrines and think that there is no way we can learn them, much less teach them to our children.

While the task may seem daunting, it is essential.  Many of these doctrines are the very foundation of our faith.  In order for us to cultivate and disciple our children to have a “grounded in the word” faith we must be willing to teach them these essential truths.  Luckily, we are able to get a lot of help in this area.

Bruce A. Ware, author of Big Truths for Young Hearts, has done a magnificent job of breaking down these doctrines so that they are easily understood and explained.  He handles difficult topics such as the Trinity, Sin Nature, and The Holy Spirit.  There are ten different sections in the book and each of the sections is broken down into five or six subsections which help explain the doctrine taught in that section.  Each subsection is made up of only one or two pages.

This book can be used as a daily or weekly devotional for you and your children.  I would encourage any parent that wants to teach their children the essentials of the faith to purchase this book and use it throughout their childhood as a means to cultivate a right understanding of God.

But can get it at one of these places:  Here. For a taste of the book go here:  Sample