Check Off Your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions for FREE! Comment and win!

Hard to believe that we are only a couple of days away from a brand new year. This is the time that most everyone is putting together a list of goals that they have for 2012. Here are a few from 2011 that some of you may have had on your list to do:

  1. Help People
  2. Get Organized
  3. Lose Weight
  4. Get In Shape
  5. Spend Less, Save More
  6. Learn Something New and Exciting
  7. Spend More Quality Time with Family
  8. Read More Books, Watch Less TV

So with the setting of 2011 and the rising of 2012 my question to you is, are you setting goals for the upcoming year? Maybe number the 7 on the list really stood out to you because it is something that you have had on your list previously but were not sure how to execute on “quality” part. It may be that you have a great desire to spend more time with your spouse and your children in family worship but you don’t feel adequately equipped to do it. Well in an effort to help you with that goal for 2012 we are going to have a little competition and you are going to need your friends to help! First of all, let me tell you what you will win:

This is an incredible book for your family worship experience. While there are a great deal of books out there that proclaim themselves to be gospel centered this book actually hits the mark. This family devotional book chronologically works it’s way through the Old Testament stories and then connects it with Jesus. The purpose is to teach kids the redemptive plan of God throughout the history of the Old Testament. This is a must have for families that need their family worship time streamlined.

This is an easy-to-use devotional book that in, literally, just ten minutes a day, five days a week, parents can be empowered to give their children the most vaulable treasure the world has ever known, The Word of God.

So here’s how the contest works:

  • The first 10 people to Leave a Reply (located at the bottom of this page) on this page will be entered into a poll tomorrow morning, December 28th 2012, at 11:00 am CST. For those of you who comment after the initial 10, your comment number will be entered into a random number generator for a chance to win an additional copy of Long Story Short as well.
  • Then it is up to you to get people to visit and give you the most votes on that poll. The person with the most votes within 24 hours wins.
  • You can use Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Blogger, WordPress, Email, Telegraph, Telephone, etc. to get the word out for people to vote for you!

Here’s a sample of the Pole:


29 thoughts on “Check Off Your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions for FREE! Comment and win!

  1. Sounds like an awesome book! We have a family reading time after dinner every night and we’re always looking for new ways to do Bible stories, etc.

    • Jessica and Amanda,
      Sorry, but the contest ended a couple of days ago. If you subscribe to the blog then you will be emailed immediately once the next give-away occurs. Next week after doing a review I will start the give-away on Wednesday. Thanks for visiting our site and hope to see you back soon.


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