We can give more than just stuff.

Photograph: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality. (Romans 12:13 ESV)

Tis the season for giving and we are just a few day away from the day that produces the most trash in a single day. Boxes will be opened, paper will be shredded, and bags will be stopped upon. All in a hurried frenzy to discover what’s inside.

Remember to take some time this Christmas season and talk about with your children how giving generously doesn’t just take place in a monetary fashion. We can also give people time by hanging out with them, helping them to do a job around the house, or by doing something fun that they want to do. Maybe instead of just talking to our children about giving our time…we could show them.

Parents, let’s put down our smartphones, tablet PCs, and the various remotes and give generously to our children by giving them our time. Get down on the floor and let your children climb and crawl all over you. Fathers, spend some time being the Galactic Evil Villan who steals away the princess until your are dramatically defeated by you son, the super Space Ranger. Maybe you could even spend a little while caring for the twelve baby dolls that you daughter has while she brushes your hair with an imaginary brush. Moms, your boys may very well enjoy saving you from that Galactic Evil Villan and your daughter may need a little help with all those babies that daddy has.

No matter the age of the kids or the activity that we generously give our time to them in, it is important for us to give it. They get to pick how you spend your time together. (And do your best not to look at the clock!) Then maybe as a family you could give some time to others.

Here’s an idea: find some extra gift tags and write different amounts of time from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. Then give the tags away to others by doing something helpful or just having some fun.

Come back and share with us what you did as a family or maybe something that you currently doing to share your time with your children!