What are We Wrapped Up in this Christmas?

When kids think about Christmas their typical response can be a little bit…me focused. They may know the full reason for the Christmas season but the meaning behind everything can sometimes be drowned out by the growing list of wants.

In The TreeHouse this week we will continue to talk about generosity.  This past Sunday we learned that people are always more important that stuff.  This Sunday we will be diving a little deeper into generosity and making sure that we don’t let stuff get in the way of loving Jesus. 

This week, read the story of the rich young ruler, Luke 18:18-25, to your children.  Jesus told him to get rid of all his stuff.  ALL OF IT!!!  Jesus didn’t want the rich guys junk he wanted his heart.  He wanted the rich dude to get wrapped up in the right things:  God and others.  Then write down a few things that it would be really hard for us to give away if Jesus told us to go out and get rid of all of our stuff.

Then take some time to thank God for all that he has given us and ask Him to help us love Him more than some of the stuff that we may have listed.

“Be rich in good deeds…be generous and willing to share.” 1 Timothy 6:18.