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The first day of school will usually set the tone for the rest of a school year for the typical middle/high school student. The general school population will make judgments upon an individual’s apparel and grooming habits long before that individual has an opportunity to open their mouth. An potential employer works in the same manner as a high school student. You will be judged first upon your appearance and second on your abilities. If the employer has two individuals to choose from that have the same education and work history they will more than likely choose the one who has groomed his or herself better. In some cases employers even choose the individual with less education and work experience because of the professional style that they have in their appearance.

While we are always being told, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, the facts are, we do. In all actuality, we probably have a good reason to make a decision upon what our first impression is. While this does not need to be the standard that we hold our lives to we can definitely pull some good information from first impressions.

When you dream of an ideal children’s department more than likely you have images similar to this go through your mind:

A place that is warm, inviting, creative, and colorful. Parents want to know that when they drop their children off for church they are going to a place that cares for them and is willing to invest in their child’s needs. While appearance isn’t everything, the current state of a Children’s Department is a pretty good indication about how the church as a whole feels about children. The last place that a parent wants to drop their child off is a place like this:

In an effort to bring a little more color to our children’s program we have started making small changes to make the experience here a little more inviting. Here are just a few themes that we have added to show our excitement over the children that are coming to worship with us.

Look around the children’s department at your church. What is your church saying to families?

By the way, the images above are from an awesome creative group that have spent countless hours working toward transforming kids departments all over the country, Creative For Kids.

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