Teaching our Children Difficult Truths

This week is going to be a little more difficult than in the previous weeks. In Exodus chapter eleven we read that the Lord goes out in a midst into Egypt with the purpose of taking the first born in every home that is without the blood of the lamb on their doorposts.
This can be a very hard thing to share with a child. But it is a perfect picture of what Christ did on our behalf. When we look at the scriptures and we see the judgment of God, we are always able to see his mercy. While the Lord went out in a midst to kill the first born of every child in Egypt he was merciful by allowing a lamb to take the place of everyone who obeyed Him.
To indicate to God that a substitute had been killed, the people painted lamb’s blood on the doorposts as a sign. The blood points forward to Jesus, the Son of God and the Lamb of God, who would ultimately be a substitute for our sins.
In an effort to be age appropriate, the passage can be explained to younger children in broad terms.
God promised his punishment to all of those that didn’t obey him. God promises that same punishment today. If we don’t listen and obey God as the Ruler of our life then we are in danger of receiving his punishment. But there is a substitute for all of us. Just like in a baseball game when a player is tired or hurt the manager will put in a substitute. Jesus is our substitute. He took our place and received our punishment.