Understanding Wisdom – Early Elementary

           During the preschool years it is important for students to gain a respect for the authority of God.  Even though respect for God is an important aspect for children, it is just as important that children also have an understanding of what God has said in His Word.  That knowledge has to become the source of all their godly wisdom.

            The sad truth is that our culture is backing away from Bible knowledge and is focusing its attention on experience.  Most people know that Jesus Christ died on the cross but have no idea why it occurred.  They know that Christmas is a time that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus but they don’t know the reason that Christ came to earth was to rescue man from his sinfulness. 

            One of our biggest responsibilities as parents and teachers is to give children the knowledge of godly wisdom.  When kids understand the “who” of who God is and that His Word is the living Word that is applicable to circumstances today they will be one step closer to living a life of faith carried out through the work of love.

            Children that are in the early elementary age enjoy learning as much as they possibly can.  They understand that there are now things about life that they do not know or do not know how to do.  The wonderful thing about this stage is that we can not only guide them through teaching but we can also begin the training process by encouraging them in the direction of making good choices.

            Here are a few characteristics of this age-group:

  • They are moving from the stage of “child” to “kid.”
  • They are seeking perfection.
  • They are very sensitive to criticism.
  • They begin worrying about things that happen in life.
  • They like having rules and boundaries.
  • Consistency is important to them.
  • They enjoy hearing stories.
  • They have incredible memory capabilities.
  • Their specking capacity doubles.
  • They learn by seeing and doing.

 Every child works and learns in his or her own different way and the best way to display the wisdom of the Word of God is to try a variety of different methods to instill biblical truths into them.  Some ideas for working with your child include:

  • Asking what he/she is learning at church.
  • Choose a family Bible verse for the year.
  • Play games using Bible Characters
  • Singing songs that teach Biblical knowledge.
  • Praying with your child.

 –Summarized from How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph by Weddle