Distributors, not Manufacturers

          “The trouble with too many of us is that we think God called us to be manufacturers when He really called us to be distributors.  He alone has the resources to meet human needs; all we can do is receive His riches and share them with others.”—Warren W. Wiersbe

            While working with children it is important to remember the wise words of Warren Wiersbe.  The great thing about serving God is that He equips us with the tools that we need to complete the work that He has set out for us to do.  When it comes to the work of the ministry we can all safely say that we come to the table with nothing, and that it is God only that has the resources. 

            Wiersbe goes on to look at the act of Christ feeding the five thousand and points out that the disciples had no real solutions to the problem of the people’s hunger but didn’t have a problem doling out the advice on what they should do.  We should use the example of the disciples to understand what we should avoid when working in the ministry.

            They lost their compassion and suggested that Christ send the masses away home.  Jesus understood that the people would not be able to make the journey home as a result of their hunger and He rejected the disciple’s idea.  Getting rid of people that have a problem is not the way that we can bring glory and honor to God.  His desire is that we help those very people that we often try to send away. 

            Some of the other disciples began debating on how much money they had and how they didn’t have enough to feed the masses.  No matter the church size or the popularity of the ministry, money is not the answer to being able to fix the problems that occur. 

            But when Andrew came to Christ and gave Him the five barley loaves and two fish Jesus became the manufacturer.   Jesus then blessed the food and had His disciples distribute it among the people.  Jesus didn’t need answers or solutions from His disciples.  He didn’t need them to be the manufacturer He just needed them to be the distributors.  The blessing took place in the hands of God not in the hands of the disciples.

            Ministry takes place the same way.  God supplies the means and we are just to be a channel through which His blessing passes through.  As a channel we are blessed as well but we are not needed to create just to distribute.

            Remember, “Ministry takes place when divine resources meet human needs through loving channels to the glory of God.”