Weeks 1 and 2 of AWANA

The AWANA year is officially underway. And, what craziness it has been…

Last week, we had the normal opening night craziness. We had 61 total in attendance (workers and children)! Praise the Lord!! With the school year not started yet and some of our “faithfuls” not in attendance, we expected the second week to be a bigger turnout.

For those that were in attendance for opening night, the classrooms were a little jumbled because of Mercy Days. We moved the Cubbies (ages 3 – 5) to the classroom next to their normal classroom and moved the Sparks (K – 2nd grade) to part of the Old Fellowship Hall. Those classes are moved back to their regular locations as of last night…. until they out grow those classrooms!!

We are excited to see how God is moving in each of the children’s lives. There are already children memorizing Bible verses!!!! We would like to encourage each parent to spend time during the week with their children working on their memory verses. From Puggles to Cubbies to Sparks to TnT, they all have home learning that can be done with their parents’ help.

The official numbers are not in yet but, from my rough count, we had approximately 80 in AWANA for week 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! We are so excited to see our “faithfuls” return and all of the new children that God has brought to FBCGG!!!!!!!!!! May we only give glory to God! You may think that we are just excited because of a big “number.” And, you are RIGHT! We are excited over a big number. And, we want to blog next week and say that there were 250! The only reason we are excited for the growing number is because each of this big number is a soul that God allows us (all of the AWANA workers and FBCGG as a church) to introduce God to them and help them learn His Word! What an awesome responsibility we as AWANA workers and a church have…

Speaking of responsibility. We, the AWANA program, have needs. Fortunately, according to Psalm 50:10, our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and will provide. Please pray for the following:

1. Puggles Director. Responsible for loving 2 yr olds. Teach short Bible story and reinforce lesson with craft and snack time. Must LOVE God and sweet 2 yr olds.

2. 3 Helpers. Responsible for loving AWANA kids of different ages. Assist teachers while lovingly guiding children learning God’s Word. Listen to memory verses. Must LOVE God and AWANA kids!!

3. SPACE. Please pray for our creative use of space. We currently have a couple of classes for which we will need to look for creative space avenues… SOON! 🙂

4. Christian videos (VeggieTales, Bible stories on DVD, etc.).

5. Snack supplies. We are praying for God to provide snack supplies for the Puggles, Cubbies, and Sparks so that teachers will not have to provide from their own monies. These supplies include (but are not limited to..) Goldfish, marshmallows, Oreos, cookies, apple juice, etc.

6. This is a big one. We need, DESPERATELY need bus workers. We currently have a small, faithful group that pick up our sweet children on the buses. With God providing a growing number of children on Wednesday nights, we have the opportunity, as a church, to provide transportation for them. PLEASE, if you are physically able, volunteer to ride the bus on a rotating basis. If we can get enough volunteers, our goal is for everyone to only have to ride the bus once per month.

If you would like to be of assistance to the AWANA program, please speak to me. You can find me at church or call me. My phone numbers are (home) 904-879-0309 or (cell) 904-635-7814.