What an awesome day! What awesome little Puggles!


This is my first blog as the Puggles Director for FBCGG’s 2009-10 AWANA year. I thought perhaps I should tell you a little about myself. My name is Rosalind. I’m married to Chris Reinolds, the crazy AWANA Commander. In addition to being the Puggles Director, I assist him with any last minute details that need to be handled. We have two kids under the age of 20 months so we know the importance of small children.. to you as their parents and to God!

There are two other Puggles teachers. Jamie Stiles (served in a phenomenal way last year in the Puggles class!!) and Debbie Purvis (joined mid-way through last year in the Puggles class and who has already become the favorite for our little Puggles to climb on!).

So.. we had the 1st Annual FBCGG Awana Kickoff Day today. WHHHEEWW!!! It was crazy, wasn’t it?? Fortunately, I think that all of the Puggles (and their parents) that were in attendance were able to make a stop by the room and meet us. We even played a little on the kitchen. One Puggle, Miss Gabby, made some delicious eggs! YUMMMM! And, one visiting Puggle, Miss Nora, shared a hug on her way out of the room. 🙂 We look forward to seeing each of the Puggles join our class as they turn two years old.

By this Wednesday, the start of the AWANA year, we will have approximately four little Puggles on the roll. They include: Trent-Man, Tay-Tay, Miss Gretal, and Becca Roo. By the end of the AWANA year, we will have had the pleasure of playing and praying with over NINE little Puggles. We look forward to getting to know Gabe, Micah, Luke, Kacie, and Brock. And, those are just our regulars!! We pray that those little Puggles that visited our class today and are not regulars will soon become regulars.

What is a Puggle, you ask? Check back next week. And, we will ask, “Wouldn’t you like to be a Puggle??”